Alpro | Caffè

The introduction of Alpro Caffè. A new product with the best of two worlds: single origin coffee en plant based ingredients. The best of both worlds is reflected in the online video campaign. Using two storylines, coming together in the end.

We synchronized both storylines in a split-screen solution. Preparation was key in this production, because different locations, timings and perspectives had to fit seamlessly into one image. Some blood, sweat en tears went into the storyboards to make the magic happen: connecting an aerial rooftop shot in Antwerp with a table top in Eindhoven, a business woman traveling by metro with a gardener on his bike, and so on. In post-production phase there were a lot of happy faces: prepping is king!

For the social assets we chose a more graphical approach to capture the audience’s attention. At the end all storylines swirled into a tasty final blend: the perfect blend. Cheers.


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