Alpro | Icecream

This summer Alpro added ‘Ice Cream’ to their product range. We created and produced a commercial to launch this new product in Europe. Visually we focussed on strengthening the naturality of the product. The story of the commercial is based on the insight: “I want to enjoy a moment to myself and have a treat that satisfies my craving at that moment”.

Producing this visual mediterranean summer setting in a typical cold Dutch winter gave us great challenges. We enjoyed building greenscreen sets on site and scaping the right image in post-production with many hours of motion-graphics and set painting in our warm Rabbit office. From an authentic floor and historic walls in a Dutch barn to a warm Portugese veranda view.

Additional scenes were filmed for social in different timings, sizes and ice cream flavours. We also had to taste a lot of ice cream to get this look and feel for the commercial just right.


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Proud to say we also produced the soundtrack