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How do we get a health conscious audience, who stick to their (breakfast) routines, to tweak their morning habits and substitute diary with alternative plant-based options? We wanted to inspire them by showing different moments and matching Alpro products.

The target audiences are based on life phase/events and breakfast insights. Like ‘sporties’ who sport early in the morning and make smoothies with fresh fruit and Alpro yoghurt. We created various storylines for all the different target audiences.

We created videos that where tested ‘very’ relevant by a large scale test panel of consumers. We did this by varying in: storylines, products, actors, languages, length, colors and call to actions. Every video optimized per channel and target group. This resulted in delivering 245 videos!

The music track is produced in co-creation so we could blend image and sound perfectly trough the entire campaign. Ears pointed and eyes wide open!

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