For Ikwilvanmijnauto.nl we created a new branding campaign. We focussed on the ‘service’ centered strategy created with the owners of the company (Dealerdirect). Telling the target audience they could do something they love, and in the mean time we from ikwilvanmijnautoaf.nl sell your car. Also the animation style got a complete makeover blending it all together with other online channels.

For this winter campaign we created a 30s to 20s to 10s tv-ad with tag-on’s and radio. A one shot tv-ad, winter sports enthusiasts could relate to that moment. Being the only skier on the slope with great snow and blue skies. The tranquility in the image gave room to the voice-over message.

Likeable and engaging social content on facebook and instagram together with radio and tv-ads boosted conversion this winter.

After that, we also created campaigns for spring and summer. Both were made with the same state of mind: creating a one shot tv-ad that gives sports enthusiasts something to relate to.






Concept | formats | production | post-production


Complete in-house