LIDL – De kracht van Lidl

Lidl claims they deliver the highest quality for the lowest prices. A lot of people find this paradoxical. How does Lidl do it?

That’s precisely what we wanted to answer. 

The question was our starting point for a full-length documentary. We wanted to tell the story behind Lidl’s economy of scale and how they do things as well as – or better than – the A-brands. 

Rather than only sharing Lidl’s point of view, we combined three distinct perspectives to make the story as comprehensive as possible. We wove experiences from Lauren Verster (TV presenter), Paul Moers (independent market expert) and several Lidl customers into our narrative. This gave a complete picture of how Lidl stands up to the A-brands. 

Even with a tight production schedule, we covered a ton of ground. We shot the first year-round lettuce greenhouse, the world’s most sustainable egg, the first carbon-neutral supermarket in The Netherlands and possibly the most passionate supermarket manager we’d ever met. 

So far, we’ve gotten over one million views and boosted awareness for Lidl. The documentary tells their story in a way a 15 second TV ad or 6 second YouTube bumper never could. 


Lidl - De kracht van Lidl

Lidl - De kracht van Lidl




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