Pure Energie – De Beste Van Nederland

In between all the green washing, Pure Energie is the odd one out. They are the only one in The Netherlands that both produce and deliver 100% green energy. Rabbits love green, so were very happy to join forces to spread the good.

With their strong story in mind, we unfolded a campaign centered around their 3 user stories, which corresponded with their main target audiences. Authenticity is often misused, but Pure Energie really exudes realness. We shaped the story with real clients, real locations and unscripted quotes to embrace this authenticity. The campaign was rolled out online and national tv and made people switch to Pure Energy more than ever.

Alongside the campaign, we created a new visual identity for all of their imagery; videos, photography and motion designs. More to come in 2021!


Pure Energie




Strategy, Concept, Production, Postproduction