Pure Energie / KNVB – Eredivisie Vrouwen

Pure Energie is boosting the Dutch female soccer league by becoming the first name giving sponsor: The Pure Energie Premier League! They joined forces in their view to push boundaries and never settle for less. No matter what people with big mustaches are saying :).

We got to make the kick-off video for this historic event and came up with a creative idea about repetition. As Maximus mentions in the Gladiator: “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”. It’s not about the dreamers (those ones are sleepers), but about working hard, go for the top and in the end: make each other better. 

With our grass loving Rabbit team and director Rogier Hendriksen we put the pieces together within the strict Covid measures: all footage at 2m distance and 30 minutes per player. From Ajax, to PSV, to FC Twente and so on. 

Running all day long from left to right over the pitch helped us a lot in improving our condition. It almost felt like top sport! And once the shoot was done, we’re gladly willing to leave that to the players.

Pure Energie Eredivisie Vrouwen

Pure Energie Eredivisie Vrouwen




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