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Ikwil - 1000 Reasons

'1000 Reasons' - Embracing the diversity of motives behind selling vehicles, we developed a new campaign for Dealerdirect, the company behind ikwilvanmijnautoaf.nl and its sub-brands for motorbikes, bikes, campers, caravans, etc. Our campaign unveils a selection based on the greatest client stories we found from the past 20 years of the company's history.

By creating an emotional connection with the audience through humor, we aimed to foster brand loyalty and increased engagement. The goal was to make the campaign memorable, differentiate the brand, and break barriers while extending its reach and building a relatable brand personality. Through captivating narratives, we aimed to capture the essence of '1000 Reasons' and showcase the brand's unwavering commitment to assisting their customers in selling their vehicles, regardless of the reason, "or pony" they may have.

Here are some fun facts and insights:

The story of the girl and the pony holds a delightful reference to Denekamp, a town close to our hearts. Last year, Denekamp made headlines for giving away a pony in a lottery, and it also happens to be the hometown of the company's founder.
Keep an eye out for the sign above the father and girl walking into the carnival called 'n Doarp,' the affectionate name locals use to refer to Denekamp.
The enchanting carrousel featured in the video is entirely CGI. Thanks to our talented post-production team, adding a touch of wonder to the story.

Stay tuned for more captivating stories, each with its unique twist and delightful insights, as we continue to showcase the essence of '1000 Reasons'—no matter how imaginative it may be. This comprehensive 360-degree campaign will kick off with TV commercials in August, complemented by engaging radio spots and a strong online presence.

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