Alpro - Ice Cream

Alpro - Ice Cream

Alpro launched their new 'Ice Cream' product range with a visually compelling commercial. Our focus was to enhance its natural appeal, capturing indulgent moments and overcoming production challenges. From greenscreen sets to post-production magic, we created authentic scenes from a Dutch barn to a Portuguese veranda. Additional social media scenes with various timings, sizes, and flavors were carefully crafted. And yes, we enjoyed plenty of ice cream tastings to get it just right.

Capturing indulgent moments

Initially, we planned to shoot the project in Portugal, but a few factors didn't cooperate. Firstly, we found potential locations with great interiors but lacking balconies with the desired view, or balconies with stunning views but interiors that didn't match the story. Secondly, time constraints made shooting in Portugal impractical. Additionally, there was unusual rain forecasted during our planned shoot weeks. As a solution, we brought the beautiful Portuguese view to a Dutch location. And here's the kicker: there was a dog in every shot, but in the final edits, they mysteriously disappeared. Kudos to our compositing department for taking care walking the dog… out of the shots!

Eye candy 🍬

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