Alpro - Team Plant Based

Alpro - Team Plant Based

Discover the Alpro Content Campaign featuring Team Plant Base: athletic, plant-forward individuals and professional athletes showcasing soya's protein, health, and sustainability benefits.

No challenge is crazy enough for us

Our campaign for Alpro brought together a group of incredible athletes who embraced the Alpro twist in their sports. Tyronne Mings, a skilled footballer, took on the challenge of using a larger-than-life tennis racket, while Nicola Adams, a fierce boxer, incorporated an Alpro twist into her training regimen. Swimmer Adam Peaty showcased his skills by shooting Alpro products into the goalpost, and tennis player Heather Watson added a delightful Alpro touch to her game. These athletes' dedication and creativity brought a fresh and playful perspective to their respective sports, showcasing the versatility and enjoyment that Alpro brings to an active lifestyle.

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