Foppen - Seafood

Foppen - Seafood

Inspiring Salmon Delights for All Eating Styles - Foppen, a leading international salmon brand, partnered with us to create an awareness campaign targeting Americans. As the largest supplier of smoked salmon in US retail, our aim was to inspire people to include salmon in their daily meals. By embracing diverse eating styles, kitchen preferences, and moments, we developed targeted content based on extensive research, spreading the joy of salmon throughout the US culinary scene.

Pasta pesto as favourite dish

Insights from the Campaign: Through research, we discovered that Pasta Pesto with Salmon is a favorite dish in the US that prominently features salmon. Filming locations may have retained the scent of fish, for which we apologize to the homeowners involved. Additionally, in collaboration with Costco US, we successfully implemented geobased targeting around their stores, resulting in improved sales. It's worth noting that all scenes were shot with all the diverce country specific packaging, what was an pain in the ass. US was the pilot market for the campaign Following its proven success, we are now expanding the campaign to Asia and Europe.

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