Pure Energie

Pure Energie

Pure Energie stands out amid green washing, being the sole provider in the Netherlands of 100% green energy production and delivery. We partnered to spread their authentic story, creating a campaign showcasing real stories from real clients. The online and TV rollout led to increased Pure Energy adoption. Stay tuned for more…!

Authenticity in Action

Approach: We devised a unique strategy, issuing a casting appeal through the client email newsletter, inviting Pure Energie customers to share their experiences. The response was astounding - an overwhelming number of individuals eagerly stepped forward to express their passion for Pure Energie and their shared vision for a sustainable future.

Result: We were immersed in a tapestry of heartfelt stories, each reflecting the core values of Pure Energie. The narratives were a testament to the collective efforts of these remarkable individuals, united in transforming the Netherlands into a better, greener place to call home.

Impact: Through a compelling campaign featuring real clients and their unscripted testimonials, we showcased the true essence of Pure Energie's mission. The campaign's genuine and relatable content resonated deeply with the target audience, leading to increased engagement and customer loyalty.

Conclusion: By embracing the authenticity of Pure Energie's clients and their shared commitment to a greener world, we successfully created a powerful narrative that captivated audiences and reinforced Pure Energie's position as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

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