Tony Chocolonely - Our story

Tony - Our story

Experience our impactful project for Tony Chocolonely, raising issue awareness through the Annual FAIR Report. Check out our content that showcases their mission and achievements, driving change in the chocolate industry.

We love chocolate!

We get thrilled when new clients bring distinctive visual design and animated expressions. Tony Chocolonely is one such brand. The key aspect in this project was blending the form and animation style with the brand's deeper story‚ÄĒits mission and its current progress. We connected a meaningful narrative with the lightness of design and tone-of-voice, making the corporate mission story easily digestible for the target audience. Techfact: All content was dynamically built and customizable for different languages, channels, formats, and lengths, saving time and money for the brand's mission. Fun fact: During the shoot, 24 chocolate bars were sacrificed. :-)

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