Wegter - Skottsberg

Wegter - Skottsberg

Launching Skottsberg - An International Culinary Journey. With pans in hand and a brand strategy on paper, we set out to bring Skottsberg to life. Our mission: ignite passion for quality cookware, evoking a profound brand experience that transforms home cooks into culinary pros. Together, we'll embark on an unbreakable bond, forever elevating your culinary journey with Skottsberg by your side. Let the adventure begin.

Pots and pans on fire!

During the cast iron pan shoot on a remote island in the Frisian Lakes, where only one house stands, our crew's boat broke down. We were unable to return on the motor, but had to row back using oars - happy gondoliers at the Rabbit company.

The model tasked with splitting wood for the shoot lacked a natural knack for it, leading to some amusing moments on set.

Skottsberg made its debut at an international trade show, and the first visual representations of the brand marked the beginning of its remarkable journey. Among the vast exhibition halls, Skottsberg's stand captured the attention of visitors, who unanimously agreed that it brought something entirely new and exciting to the scene. More to come in the coming years. 

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