Ynsect - Adalba Pro

Ynsect - Adalba Pro

Ynsect is a pioneering company dedicated to realigning the health of society with that of our ecosystems. We partnered with Ynsect to develop a comprehensive B2B marketing and content strategy for Europe. Through our collaboration, we aimed to drive sustainable change and promote a more resilient food chain.

Shaping sustainable food

Working with Ynsect, we harnessed the power to drive transformative changes for the future and beyond. When people first encounter the idea of incorporating insects into their food, a spectrum of emotions arises. Research has revealed significant variations in attitudes towards insect consumption across different regions. South America and Asia have shown greater adaptation and openness, while Europeans initially displayed less enthusiasm. However, through our campaign, we presented compelling facts, insightful research, and innovative ideas that fed their minds with new thoughts and perspectives. By emphasizing the sustainable potential and nutritional benefits of insects, we successfully ignited curiosity, gradually changing perceptions and fostering a more receptive attitude towards insect-based foods. Together with Ynsect, we embarked on a mission to create a better world where insects play a vital role in shaping sustainable food systems and fostering global well-being.

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